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The Dynamite Internet Solution, e-Dynamite 4.0, delivers service-related information to where it will do the most good -- the customer paying for the work.  Order status details are now available you your customers at their convenience.  They can also enter new orders for service.


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System Features

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Technical Features

e-Dynamite Brochure - Two pages, Adobe PDF format


The price for e-Dynamite 4.0 is only $1,000.00 and includes all HTML application code, compiled processing code, and a software update subscription for one year.

Software Requirements

Dynamite Service System, Version 12.00 or above

FoxWeb running on your Internet server

Microsoft Visual FoxPro 9.0 is optional

Hardware Requirements

e-Dynamite requires a web-enabled server with a public front page.  Functionality is password protected.  The FoxWeb software must be installed on this server.  South By Southwest can arrange rental terms for your server without the need to purchase FoxWeb or other server software.

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