Dynamite Duo Change Log

and Enhancements


The Dynamite System is updated on a periodic basis and these updates are posted on the download page this web site for client access.  The following is a list of the updates and the program code affected.

Contact our office for the latest update:  admin @ southbysouthwest.com


Version Date Program Modification
14.15.03 05/26/15 DYSRCALL.SCX,DYSRCAL2,SCX, DYSYPROC.PRG Corrected a block time billing error
    DYRPSL.FRX Added additional contact information to the job site listing
    DYCSCONT.SCX Implemented a smoother connection to the contact data base
14.15.02 02/09/15 DYSRCALL.SCX Corrected an open temporary file error
    DYRPOQ.FRX,DYRPIPS.FRX Enhanced quotation report & corrected PreBill tax rounding error
    DYSYSELC.PRG Disabled PO & SO for Pro SQL
14.15.01 08/18/14 DYSRCHGS.SCX Corrected Block Time allocation for Pro
    DYSRSITE.SCX,DYCSCONT.SCX Enhanced customer contact interface
14.15.00 04/22/14 DYSRDASH.SCX Adjusted display performance
    DYSRSITE.SCX,DYCSCONT.SCX Enhanced customer contact interface
    DYRPEL.FRX,DYRPEW.FRX Enhanced the Excel extract for these reports
    DYSRCHGS.SCX Corrected custom pricing for Third Party billing
    DYSRCALL.SCX Added the Job Site Company to the order list button
    DYSRCONT.SCX Added the Customer to the contract list button
    DYSYBASE.VCX Updated emailing features for new email service provider security
14.14.00 01/27/14 DYCS.SCX,DYSRCONT.SCX, DYSRCOMP.SCX,DYSRTECH.SCX Corrected performance issues
    DYSRSITE.SCX,DYSRCALL.SCX Added the ability to specify automatic charges for a job site
    DYSRCHGS.SCX Avoiding sequential search for Beginning of File
    DYCSCONT.SCX Added automatic customer and job site values
    DYSRCOMP.SCX Corrected vendor number behavior
    DYRPCC.FRX Corrected data type mismatch error
    DYSYREPT.FRX Added routine to blank out 01/01/1900 dates in all reports
    DYCS.SCX Added helpful display for customer email address for Pro
14.13.03 08/19/13 DYSRCOMP.SCX Corrected initial locate when called from another screen
    DYSRCALL.SCX Made sure temporary files were closed.  Verified correct job site record is displayed.
    DYSRCONT.SCX Defined filter variable globally
    DYSRBILL.PRG Defined subscript globally
14.13.01 04/07/13 DYSRCL.SCX Added logic to compensate for huge date differences
    DYRPSC.FRX Added report
    DYSRCAL2.SCX Adjusted order type logic for rental orders
    DYSRCONT.SCX Corrected filtering issue
    DYSRCALL.SCX Disabled contract coverage message if there are none


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