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One of the most flexible and most efficient data capture/retrieval systems in the service industry!



Whether you're in Manhattan or in deep in the Carlsbad Caverns, AirDynamite is operational.  No cell tower, no problem.  Annotate your activities, enter charges, and even open new service orders with or without a connection.  Transfer the data when you have an Internet connection. 


2:00 PM or 2:00 AM, AirDynamite operates on your schedule.  If your office is closed or your technician is home asleep, transmissions are queued up and synchronized when reconnected.


Screens and functions


The initial log in screen accepts only predefined technician codes and associated passwords.  These codes are maintained in the main Dynamite System and downloaded to the PDA as necessary.



This is the Main Menu after logging in.  Uncomplicated yet powerful.



Manage Orders

The Service Order detail shows the work location and the customer complaint.  This screen also provides for technician entry of the work accomplished.  There is no practical limit to the amount of text that can be entered.


Charges can be added by field staff from a list of inventory prices that is downloaded to the tablet.  Estimated charges can be entered by office staff prior to sending the order to the technician and are double checked once the tech is finished with the order.

A list of customer owned equipment is also sent to the technician who can then mark what equipment was worked on.


Upload & Download Orders

Once the technician is finished with the order, it to be uploaded to your web site.  New orders assigned by your dispatcher, can be downloaded from the same web site.


Hardware/Software Requirements

AirDynamite is designed to run on Android tablets and phones.  Many of the new units retail for under $500 but discounts are plentiful. 

Web site requirements are very basic.  Almost any Internet web site can be utilized as long as it supports passive FTP connections.  The site address and subdirectories are specified in the main Dynamite System and downloaded to AirDynamite.  No web pages need to be designed.  If you do not currently have a web site that you'd like to use, you can rent space on our web site for minimal cost.



AirDynamite is competitively priced enabling each technician to be fully equipped very inexpensively.

Number of PDA licenses Price each
First user license $995
Additional licenses $95


AirDynamite Brochure - Two pages, PDF format


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